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Chapter 1. getting ready > project steps

project steps

Acquire images. For this project, I'll be using photos I shot with a digital camera, but you could just as easily create an album from scans that you've made of older snapshots or documents. You could also use the graphics tools in Elements to create original artwork and use that artwork in your album.

Import the photos to Elements Organizer. Organizer is a complete asset-management application within Elements. Organizer keeps track of your photos in a catalog—basically a database of photos.

Create structure. You create a hierarchical structure for the database by assigning categories, sub-categories, and tags to the photos in the catalog. These structural features work just like keywords in a database, allowing you to identify and ultimately, sort through, your photos. You can filter your catalog to find just the photos you want by asking to see only photos in certain categories or that have certain tags attached.

Gather photos for your album. Another quasi-structural feature of Organizer is the collection. A collection is a container (think electronic shoebox) where you can hold a set of photos and arrange them in any order you like.

Fix up your photos. No matter how careful you are when shooting in the field, you're bound to take a few shots that could use a little help. Use Elements' editing tools to do such things as crop, fix exposure problems, remove color casts and red-eye syndrome, and retouch minor flaws. Because of a little glitch in the album-creation feature, it's important to edit the photos you want to include in an album before you start creating it. In some cases, editing photos after putting them into an album causes the album to lose all its data.

Create album pages. Elements comes with a Creation wizard: a tool that helps you make a variety of printed materials from postcards, to calendars, to our projects—photo album pages and photobooks. Using templates, the Album Creation wizard guides you through the process of creating album pages. These can be printed on your own printer, or sent to a local print shop, or they can be printed professionally and bound into hardcover photobooks.

Order a photobook and/or print album pages on high-quality paper designed for your printer, for example, matte or glossy ink-jet photo paper.



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