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extra bits

get new templates p. 56

  • To update templates in Editor, choose Edit > Preferences > General. In the Services part of the Preferences dialog, check Automatically Check for Updates.

  • Currently only one template style—No Borders—accepts photos in anything but the 3:4 (4:3) aspect ratio. The No Borders style must be printed on a local printer, not ordered as a photobook. Why might you want to work with other aspect ratios? Cropping to another aspect ratio may better frame a subject. A square crop, for example, might frame a face. Panoramic photos are a popular use of non-standard aspect ratios.

  • Adobe plans to add templates that use aspect ratios other than 3:4 or 4:3. Be sure to keep checking for template updates.

choose photos p. 59

  • Once you've brought photos into an album it's a good idea to save that work. Click the close icon for the Creation wizard; a dialog warns that the creation hasn't been saved. Go through all the save procedures outlined on pages 69 and 70. Just be sure to click the Done button to complete the save procedure. Then reopen your creation to continue editing it.

  • Press to check all the check boxes in the Add Photos dialog.

  • Click in the gray area to uncheck any selected check boxes, or press

fine-tune the layout p. 63

  • If you set up your creation with a default series (for example, alternating pages of 1 and 2 photos), you can specify a new number of photos on a page by choosing the number from the Photos on This Page menu in Step 3. We'll do that in Chapter 5.

position photos p. 64

  • If you don't like the resizing that you've done, click the Reset Photos button above the work area in Step 3 to return all photos on the page to their original size and position within their borders.

  • When you resize within borders, dragging inward shrinks the image and leaves a wider border, which may look odd.

  • Another way to deselect a photo or piece of text is to right-click it and choose deselect from the contextual menu.

edit headers & footers p. 66

  • Usually, it makes sense to click the Apply to All check box in the Header or Footer dialog on Page 1, even if you plan to change some on later pages. You can change individual headers or footers by double-clicking them and entering new text in the dialog.

  • Be careful about clicking that box at later stages. The new header or footer overrides any previous header or footer text you entered.

edit captions p. 67

  • What you type in an album caption has no effect on that photo's caption in Organizer.

  • Don't make text changes until you've put your photos in order, chosen which pages they go on, and made any sizing changes. If you move a photo to a different page, you'll lose any caption text you've entered in the album.

  • An advantage to creating captions in Organizer: they will be tied to the image and move with it.

save and print p. 69

  • Resist the temptation to start sharing, printing, or making a PDF file until you've clicked the Done button. If you get caught up in printing, for example, and close the wizard window before clicking the Done button, your album changes will not be saved.

  • Many companies make glossy photo paper in 8.5-by-11-inch sheets suitable for use with your home color printer. Some sheets can even be printed on both sides. You can use a three-hole punch and place these sheets in notebooks or other types of binders. For starters, check out the following companies who list glossy photo paper in their product sections (usually under supplies and accessories): Canon (www.canon.com), Epson (www.epson.com), HP (www.hp.com), Kodak (www.kodak.com), and Strathmore (www.strathmoreartist.com). It's often possible to purchase glossy photo paper at discount office supply stores.

  • In addition to paper that resembles photo prints, Strathmore makes 8.5-by-11-inch art papers, with various textures, that can be used on ink-jet printers and might dress up your album.

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