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Lesson 6. Repairing, Retouching, and Rep... > Weather project 4: Applying weather-...

Weather project 4: Applying weather-like styling

In this quick project, you’ll make snowflakes flood from the sky.

Using either the File Browser or Organizer, find and open the 06_04.jpg file, which is tagged for Lesson 6 and Project 4, and is in the Lessons\Lesson06 folder.

In the Styles And Effects palette, do the following:

  • Choose Effects and Image Effects in the two pop-up menus.

  • Double-click the Blizzard thumbnail to apply that effect to the image.

    The Effect itself appears on a new layer, Background Copy.

Select the Background layer in the Layers palette.

In the Styles And Effects palette, choose Layer Styles and Image Effects, and then double-click the Snow thumbnail to apply a different type and texture of snow to the image.

When a message appears, asking if you want to make the background a layer, click OK and then accept the default name, Layer 0.

(Optional) To create near white-out conditions, drag the Background Copy layer to the New Layer icon in the Layers palette (or choose Layer > Duplicate Layer).

Choose File > Save As, and save the file in the My CIB Work folder you created in the Lessons folder, naming the file 06_04_Work.psd and saving it with Photoshop (PSD) as its Format. Be sure to deselect Save In Version Set With Original if it is selected.

Close the file.

Congratulations, you’ve finished another one. In this project, you’ve seen how easy it is to apply some Effects and Filters that simulate weather conditions.



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