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Lesson 6. Repairing, Retouching, and Rep... > Weather project 1: Making blue sky m...

Weather project 1: Making blue sky more intense

Both this first project and the next one use the same underlying photograph, showing a building with curving roof lines. The building looks fine, but the sky is too pale. Fortunately, it’s a simple thing to fix and uses a technique you’ve already encountered in earlier lessons in this book.

Using either the File Browser or Organizer, find and open the 06_01.jpg file, which is in the Lessons\Lesson06 folder and tagged for Lesson 6 and Project 1.

In the toolbox, select the Magic Wand tool ().

In the tool options bar, type 32 for Tolerance, and make sure that Contiguous is selected.

Click in the middle of the sky area.


A single click should select the entire sky area. If you get different results, deselect (Select > Deselect), and review the settings in the tool options bar before you try Step 4 again.

Choose Edit > Copy and then Edit > Paste. Or, press Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste.

In the Layers palette, make sure the new layer (Layer 1) is selected, and choose Multiply as the blending mode.

Choose File > Save, and save the results as 06_01_Work using Photoshop (PSD) as the Format. Choose the My CIB Work folder you created in the Lessons folder as the location. If Save In Version Set With Original is selected, be sure to deselect it before you click Save.

You can close the file now because you’re finished with this project.



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