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Lesson 4. Fixing Exposure Problems > Saving and organizing your finished files

Saving and organizing your finished files

If you’ve already finished Lessons 2 and 3 in this book, you are familiar with this final phase of the lesson. You’re going to add tags to the work files, which were already added to Organizer when you saved them, thanks to the Include In Organizer option in the Save As dialog box.

Click Photo Browser () on the Photoshop Elements Editor shortcuts bar to switch to Organizer. If Back To All Photos appears on the Organizer shortcuts bar, select it.

Choose File > Get Photos > From Files And Folders. Go to the My CIB Work folder, and select the four autofixed files that you prepared at the beginning of Lesson 4 (Autofix_04_01.jpg through Autofix_04_04.jpg.) Then click Get Photos.

Choose Find > Untagged Items.

Choose Edit > Select All or press Ctrl + A to select all the thumbnails, and then drag first the Lesson 4 and then the Work Files tags from the Tags palette to any one of the thumbnails to tag them all.


If the Work Files tag doesn’t appear in your Tags palette, see “Organizing your finished project files” on page 96 for instructions on how to create it.

Click and then Ctrl-click to select all five versions of the Project 2 file (the sepia-toned image of the little boy).

Choose Edit > Stack > Stack Selected Photos to organize the five versions under one thumbnail.

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for the various versions of the other three projects.

You can now select Back To All Photos to see the entire catalog of thumbnails.

Congratulations to you again. You’ve now finished Lesson 4. In this lesson, you’ve used a variety of methods for rescuing images with exposure problems. You’ve used automatic fixes, layers with blending modes, adjustment layers, and a series of methods from the Enhance menu.

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