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Getting started

You’ll start this lesson in the same way as you started your work in Lesson 3: by processing all the image files for this lesson at once to apply the automatic fixes available in Photoshop Elements 3.0. You’ll save these files so that you can compare them to the files that you fix by setting options and other manual techniques.

Start Photoshop Elements in Standard Edit by selecting Edit And Enhance Photos on the Welcome screen. Or, if Organizer is open, click Edit () and choose Go To Standard Edit.

Choose File > Process Multiple Files.

In the Process Multiple Files dialog box, do the following:

  • Choose Folder on the Process Files From pop-up menu.

  • Under Source, select the Browse button, and then locate and select the Lessons\Lesson04 folder, and click OK.

  • Under Destination, click Browse, and then locate and select the Lessons\My CIB Work folder.

  • Select Rename Files. Type Autofix_ in the first option, and select Document Name in the second option.

On the right side of the dialog box, select all four Quick Fix options: Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Auto Color, and Sharpen. Review your settings, and then click OK.

It takes a few seconds for Photoshop Elements to process the files. Image windows will open and close automatically as the changes are applied. There’s nothing else you need to do. If an error message appears, click OK.

At the end of this lesson, you’ll compare the results of this simple, automatic fixing of the images with the manual techniques. In many cases, this automatic type of fix is all you need to get the quality that you want.

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