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Lesson 4. Fixing Exposure Problems

Lesson 4. Fixing Exposure Problems

Did the flash fail to go off? You can fix that. Did bright reflections throw off the colors? Is the heirloom print almost faded beyond recognition? No problem. You can fix any of these—you and Photoshop Elements 3.0.

In this lesson you will learn how to do the following:

  • Brighten underexposed photographs.

  • Bring out details and colors in overexposed and faded photographs.

  • Correct different areas of an image individually.

  • Save selection shapes to reuse in later sessions.

  • Create and apply adjustment layers.

Lesson 4 leads you through several approaches to correcting exposure problems in photographs. This aspect of color correction is often easier to fix than you might imagine.

Most users can complete this lesson a little over an hour.

This lesson assumes that you are already familiar with the overall features of the Photoshop Elements 3.0 work area and recognize the two ways in which you can use Photoshop Elements: Editor and Organizer. If you need to learn more about these items, see Photoshop Elements Help and the Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 Getting Started Guide. This lesson also builds on the skills and concepts covered in the earlier lessons.

If you are starting your work in this book at Lesson 4, make sure that you have already copied the project files from the CD attached to the inside back cover of this book. See “Copying the Classroom in a Book files” on page 3.

Also, see “Getting started” on page 105 of Lesson 3 for instructions on the work area arrangement on which the procedures are based.

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