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Lesson 8. Combining Multiple Images > Project 1: Copying from one image into an...

Project 1: Copying from one image into another

A stunningly simple way to combine part of one image with another is to use the familiar Copy and Paste commands. Your goal in this little project is to create a more spectacular fireworks display by borrowing bursts from a couple of photographs and pasting these into another.

Using either Organizer or the File Browser, find and open the 08_01a, 08_01b, and 08_01c files (three photos of fireworks) in Standard Edit.

Select the Lasso tool () in the toolbox and the 08_01b thumbnail in the Photo Bin to make it active.


You can use the Elliptical Marquee tool instead of the Lasso tool to create selections. If you do so, you may need to zoom out or drag the selection shape into place around the burst.

Drag the Lasso tool around the single burst in the image. Keep the selection reasonably close to the outer edge of the burst, but don’t even think about trying to be precise.

(If necessary, you can select Add To Selection () or Subtract From Selection () in the tool options bar, and then drag around the small areas you want to add or subtract from the first selection.)

Choose Edit > Copy, or press Ctrl + C.

Select the 08_01a thumbnail in the Photo Bin to make that image active, and choose Edit > Paste or press Ctrl + V.

Use the Move tool () to move, resize, and rotate the pasted-in layer so that it doesn’t block the other bursts on the lower layer. When it looks right to you, click Commit () in the tool options bar.

Select the 08_01c thumbnail in the Photo Bin, and repeat Steps 3-6.

Try this: Hold down Alt and drag with the Move tool to simultaneously duplicate and move a selection or a layer. The burst in the lower left corner of the illustration above was created in this way from the burst pasted into the upper right corner; the newly duplicated layer was then rotated and resized.

Save your work (File > Save) as a Photoshop (PSD) file named 08_01_Work in the My CIB Work folder you created in the Lessons folder. Then close the file.

Wasn’t that easy? You’re already finished with this project, so you can close all the files without saving the changes.



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