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Project 8. Create Postcards and Posters > Variation: Create textures

Variation: Create textures

With a little experimentation, you can create your own textures in Photoshop Elements either from scratch or by using a photo. They can be used to complement your images or replace the textures in the templates.

Set the stage. Open Photoshop Elements and create a new file the size of the template you will be using. If you are using an image, place the image in the new file and move to step 3. If you are working from scratch, go to step 2.


Pick a color. First create a new layer. Click the Layers tab in the docking area to bring up the Layers palette. Click the New Layer icon () and select the new layer that is created. Click the Default Colors icon () and pick a new color using the Color Picker. Choose Edit > Fill Layer. Under Contents, select Use Foreground Color. Click OK.


Add some noise! Select your new layer or image. Click Filter from the top menu bar, and choose Noise > Add Noise.

If you are starting with an image, this step is optional, but if you are starting from scratch, it’s a must. Double-click the Add Noise filter and make sure that the Preview box is checked.

Experiment with the settings. This example uses the default Amount setting and the Gaussian distribution. The Monochromatic setting is turned off to get more colors in the mix. Make your own choices; then click OK when you are satisfied.


Use those filters. It’s not always easy to use the filters in everyday image correction. When you are creating textures, however, they are absolutely essential.

Grant yourself full license to go crazy and experiment with various combinations of filters to see what you like and what works best. The example here uses Colored Pencil and Pointillize. When you have finished creating your new texture, choose File > Save As and save your file with a new name in a TIFF format. It is now ready to be placed in the template of your choice.



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