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PC directions

Organize your image files. First make the necessary edits to the images you will be posting to the web. Photoshop Elements will resize the images and compress a copy of them for the Web. To be sure they are not accidentally compressed twice, save the files in a PSD format. After you are done editing the images add them to the Organizer if you have not already done so.


Select your gallery images. In the Organizer select the images you want to use for your photo gallery. At this point you can also tag them or create a new collection.

Place the images in the order that you want them to appear in the gallery.

With your images still selected click the Create button. Under Creation Setup click Web Photo Gallery and click OK. Under Adobe Web Photo gallery you will see your thumbnail images. If you’d like to add additional photos click the Add button.


Select your gallery style. Use the Gallery Style pop-up menu to select how you want your images to appear. You will see a preview of the layout underneath.


Create your title banner. Enter on information under the Banner tab.


Set your image sizes. Click on the Large Photos and Thumbnails tabs to set the sizes for your final gallery images.

Make sure that the Resize Photos check box is checked. On the pop-up menu next to it, you can choose Large, Medium, Small, or Custom. Select the size that you want, then set your image quality. Remember, the higher the quality, the larger the file and the slower the download.


Choose your destination. Click the Browse button in the Destination box. Navigate to where you want your Web gallery folder to be saved.

Click Save and you’re done! At this point you can preview your gallery in any Web browser before posting it to the Web.



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