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Chapter 7. Troubleshooting > General Problems and Solutions - Pg. 212

212 Chapter 7. Troubleshooting The world of iPhoto is no more a perfect place than the real world. No one, iPhoto's developers least of all, wants problems, but bugs are a fact of life, and you may have a problem with iPhoto at some point. One advantage iPhoto has in this respect is that it runs only under Mac OS X, which boasts a feature called protected memory. That means that if one program, such as iPhoto, crashes, no other pro- gram should be affected. Also on the positive side is the fact that iPhoto saves your changes fre- quently and automatically, so you're unlikely to lose much work even if it crashes. Put simply, if iPhoto crashes, just relaunch the program and pick up where you left off. If the crashes happen regularly, you may need to do some troubleshooting. One way or another, keep good backups! (See "Backing up Your Photos," in Chapter 2, "Importing and Managing Photos.") Of course, most of the problems you might encounter won't result in a crash. It's more likely you'll have trouble importing photos from an unusual camera, printing a photo at the exact size you want, or convincing iPhoto to update a thumbnail after editing a photo in an external program. Those are