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Chapter 6. Sharing Photos > iPhoto AppleScript Scripts

iPhoto AppleScript Scripts

Apple provides a number of scripts that are useful both on their own and as examples. Download these scripts from www.apple.com/applescript/iphoto/.

Apple’s iPhoto AppleScript scripts:

  • Do Photoshop Action performs an action in Photoshop 7 for each of the selected photos, one at a time.

  • Photo Summary creates an HTML page summarizing information about the selected photos and opens it in TextEdit.

  • Open in Preview opens the selected photos in Apple’s Preview application.

  • Speak Comments speaks the comments for selected photos.

  • Photo to iDVD Background exports the selected photo to iDVD as the background for the current menu screen.

  • Prepare Images for iDVD uses Photoshop to scale selected photos to 640 × 480, with the comment overlaid on the bottom of each photo as a caption.

  • Show Image File displays the selected photo’s actual file in the Finder.

  • Delete Album and Contents deletes an album and its contents. The twist is that it moves the album’s photos to the Trash, which deleting an album wouldn’t normally do. Use it when archiving photos to CD or DVD. Be careful with this one.

  • Find Unassigned Images creates a new album called “Unassigned” with all photos not currently in another album.

  • Assign Keywords for Last Import cycles through all the photos from the last import and presents a dialog for each that lets you assign keywords.



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