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Chapter 6. Sharing Photos > iDVD Slideshow Tips

iDVD Slideshow Tips

Look to other sources for full instructions on how to use iDVD, such as Jim Heid’s book and DVD-video combination The Macintosh iLife, also from Peachpit Press. That said, these tips should help.

Tips for using iDVD

  • iDVD 3 is free with new Macs, but the only way to upgrade is with the $49 iLife suite of Apple’s iApp software. Go to www.apple.com/store/ to buy a copy.

  • You’re limited to 6 albums per DVD and 99 photos per album.

  • Save your iDVD project with a good name; it’s the disc name in the Finder.

  • Turn on “Show TV Safe Area” in the Advanced menu to verify that everything you’re doing will fit on the TV screen.

  • Make sure “Always scale slides to TV Safe area” is set in iDVD’s Preferences window (choose Preferences from the iDVD menu and click the Slideshow tab).

  • iDVD automatically picks up the music attached to the album in iPhoto, but you can switch to a different song by dragging it from the Audio drawer to the Audio well in the slideshow’s window.

  • If you select “Add original photos on DVD-ROM” in the slideshow window, iDVD also makes the photos available as files on the DVD for use with computers. These are stored as normal files, and not in an iPhoto Library folder.

  • Quit all unnecessary applications when burning; if anything interrupts the burn process, it can ruin your DVD-R disc.

  • DVD-R discs hold 4.7 GB, so you probably won’t be able to fill one with slideshows. To use all the space, add video.



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