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Chapter 6. Sharing Photos > Creating a DVD Slideshow with iDVD

Creating a DVD Slideshow with iDVD

One of iPhoto 2’s new integration features is the capability to send a set of photos to iDVD 3 to create a slideshow on DVD that can be viewed on any TV with a consumer DVD player. You must have iDVD 3 and a Macintosh with a SuperDrive to do this.

To create a DVD slideshow with iDVD:

Create up to 6 albums containing up to 99 photos each, select the albums ( or -click to select multiple albums), and click the iDVD button.

iPhoto works for a bit, launches iDVD 3, and shows the iDVD main screen.

Click the Customize button, choose a theme from the drawer that appears (iDVD has several themes that are perfect for photo slideshows), and customize it with text and images (Figure 6.55).

Figure 6.55. Select a theme for your DVD slideshow and click the albums to select an initial photo and to change the title.

To add audio to the main title screen, click the Audio button in the drawer and drag the desired song from your iTunes collection into the main window.

Set how long the song plays (up to 30 seconds) by clicking the Settings button in the drawer and moving the Motion slider. Adjust other options here as well.

Double-click a slideshow to switch to a screen where you can add, delete, and rearrange photos, plus set other options for the slideshow (Figure 6.56).

Figure 6.56. When working in a slideshow, you can set a variety of options and add music by dragging from the Audio drawer to the Audio well on the right side of the window.

As you work, use the Preview button to verify that your slideshows play as you desire. A small player window simulates a DVD remote control (Figure 6.57).

Figure 6.57. When you’re previewing a slideshow, you can use the small player window to simulate the DVD’s remote control.

When you’re ready, click the Burn button twice to start the process of burning your DVD.



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