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Chapter 6. Sharing Photos > Setting up a .Mac Account

Setting up a .Mac Account

Before you can use Apple’s HomePage Web publishing tool or .Mac Slides tool, you need a .Mac account. It’s easy to set up but does cost $99 per year. Luckily, Apple offers a 60-day free trial so you can see if HomePage and .Mac Slides, along with .Mac’s other features, are worth $99 per year to you.

To set up a .Mac account:

Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu to open the System Preferences window, and then click the Internet icon to display the Internet preferences pane (Figure 6.34).

Figure 6.34. To start setting up a .Mac account, click the Sign Up button in the Internet preferences pane, which takes you to a .Mac signup page in your Web browser.

Make sure you’re connected to the Internet and click the Sign Up button.

iPhoto launches your default Web browser and takes you to the .Mac signup page (Figure 6.35).

Figure 6.35. Enter your information in the .Mac signup page, and click the Continue button

Enter your information in the fields provided. When you’re done, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

iPhoto displays a summary page (Figure 6.36), offers you the chance to send an iCard announcing the fact that you have a new email address (yourusername@mac.com—you don’t have to use it), and takes you to the .Mac home page.

Figure 6.36. A confirmation page appears; copy the username and password from that page to the Internet preferences pane and you’re done.

Click System Preferences to return to the Internet preferences pane, and enter your new .Mac member name and password.

Close the System Preferences window.



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