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Chapter 6. Sharing Photos > Preparing to Order Prints

Preparing to Order Prints

You will want to spend some time preparing your photos for printing by cropping them to the appropriate aspect ratios for prints. But what if you, like me, want to use the same photos for a book, which uses a 4 × 3 aspect ratio? Follow these steps for a solution.

To prepare photos for printing:

Make a new album, and add the photos that you want to order prints of.

Switch to the album, and edit each photo as desired, other than cropping.

In organize mode, select all the photos () and choose Duplicate from the File menu () to make copies (see “Duplicating Photos” in Chapter 4, “Editing Photos” for details).

Open the Keywords/Search window () and search for “copy” to select just the copies in your album.

Drag them to the album pane to create a new album of just the copies, and then return to the previous album and delete the copies from it.

You now have two albums with identical photos; one with the originals, the other with copies. To keep them straight, append “Prints” to the name of one, “Book” to the name of the other.

Go through the photos in the Prints album again, this time cropping each to the desired aspect ratio.

If you’re printing photos in different sizes, manually group them by size in the album. That makes keeping track of them in the Order Prints window easier.

Now you’re ready to order the prints, and the “Book” album is ready to be arranged and laid out in a book.



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