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Chapter 6. Sharing Photos > Printing Tips

Printing Tips

How can you achieve the best quality prints? Try these tips, and test, test, test. Every combination of printer and paper is slightly different, so testing is the only way to be sure what will come out.

Printing tips:

  • Use a good quality inkjet printer. Six-color printers produce better output than four-color printers, and printers designed to print photos will do a better job than general-purpose printers (but may not print text as well).

  • Make sure your print head is clean and aligned. If your printouts don’t look quite right, try cleaning the print head.

  • Use good paper. Modern inkjets lay down incredibly small drops of ink, and standard paper absorbs those drops more than photo paper, blurring printouts.

  • Make sure to print on the correct side of the paper (it’s usually whiter or shinier).

  • Don’t handle the surface of the paper that will be printed on. Oils from your skin can mess up the printout.

  • Remove each sheet from the output tray after printing, particularly with glossy films, and be careful not to touch the surface until it has dried.

  • In the Advanced Options of the Print dialog, make sure you’re using the highest resolution and appropriate other settings. In particular, aim for settings that favor quality over speed.

  • Make sure to crop photos to the right aspect ratio before printing, or you’ll end up with larger white borders.



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