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Chapter 2. Importing and Managing Photos > Importing Only Selected Photos

Importing Only Selected Photos

When you import photos from a camera, USB card reader, or Kodak Photo/Picture CD, iPhoto tries to import every photo available. But since importing can be slow, sometimes you may want to import only a few photos.

Ways to import only selected photos:

  • If you have imported from a camera or memory card once, and added photos, it’s easy to import just the new ones. Import as you would normally but when iPhoto asks about importing duplicates, select “Applies to all duplicates” and click the No button (Figure 2.15).

    Figure 2.15. When iPhoto prompts about duplicates, tell it not to import duplicates. iPhoto will import just new images on the camera or card.

  • Use Image Capture to download selected images from your camera to your hard disk (Figure 2.16 and Figure 2.17), and then import those files by dragging them into iPhoto.

    Figure 2.16. To download selected images in Image Capture, connect your camera or insert your memory card, open Image Capture, and click Download Some to see a thumbnail list of available images.

    Figure 2.17. After clicking Download Some, select the desired images in Image Capture’s thumbnail listing, and then click the Download button.

  • If you’re importing from a memory card reader, view the contents of the card in the Finder and drag just the desired images into iPhoto.



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