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Chapter 4. Editing Photos > Duplicating Photos

Duplicating Photos

iPhoto lets you duplicate photos, which can be useful in a variety of situations.

Reasons to duplicate a photo:

  • If you want a photo to appear twice in a book (as you might if you want it to be the cover image and to show up inside as well), you must duplicate that photo.

  • If you want to crop a photo in different ways, or if you want to print the same photo in color and black-and-white, you need to duplicate the photo first.

  • If you duplicate a photo, you may wish to open the original and the copy in separate windows and then compare your edits to the original. However, it’s easier to press after making an edit to display the original temporarily.

Ways to duplicate photos:

  • In any mode, select photos and choose Duplicate from the File menu ().

  • -click a photo and choose Duplicate from the contextual menu.

    iPhoto switches to import mode, duplicates the photo (giving it the same title plus “copy”), and switches back to the previous mode (Figure 4.16).

    Figure 4.16. Notice how the duplicated photos show up next to their originals and with “copy” appended to their titles.


  • The duplicate image shows up next to the original in the Photo Library, and iPhoto does not create a new film roll.

  • The Last Import album shows the duplicated photo.

  • If an album is selected when you duplicate the photo, the duplicate is added to the end of that album too. However the photo won’t be duplicated in any other albums that have that photo.

Finding Copies

One irritation with iPhoto’s Duplicate command is that it doesn’t reliably put duplicated photos on the left or the right of the original. That makes it hard to select just the copies after you duplicate a lot of images, as you might want to do when duplicating an entire album’s pictures so you can make differently cropped prints of the same images.

Luckily, you can work around this by duplicating the desired photos, and then using the Keywords/Search window to find all those with “copy” in their names. Select all the copies, drag them to the album pane to make a new album, switch to the first album, run the search again, and delete the copies from that album.

If you find yourself duplicating images often, I recommend giving the copies new titles so you can reliably use the word “copy” to find and work with just the most recent set of duplicated photos.

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