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Lesson 4. Working with Selections > Repositioning a selection marquee while cre...

Repositioning a selection marquee while creating it

Selecting ovals and circles can be tricky. It’s not always obvious where you should start dragging, so sometimes the selection will be off-center or the ratio of width to height won’t match what you need. In this procedure, you’ll try out techniques for managing those problems, including two important keyboard-mouse combinations that can make your Photoshop work much easier.

As you do this procedure, be very careful to follow the directions about keeping the mouse button or specific keyboard keys pressed down. If you accidentally release the mouse button at the wrong time, simply start the procedure again from Step 1.

Select the Zoom tool (), and click the black oval on the right side of the image window as needed to zoom in to at least 100% view (use 200% view if the entire oval will fit in the image window on your screen).

Select the Elliptical Marquee tool () hidden under the Rectangular Marquee tool.

Move the pointer over the oval, and drag diagonally across the oval to create a selection, but do not release the mouse button. It’s OK if your selection does not match the oval shape yet.

If you accidently release the mouse button, draw the selection again. In most cases—including this one—the new selection replaces the previous one.

Still holding down the mouse button, hold down the spacebar on your keyboard and drag the selection. The border moves as you drag.

Carefully release the spacebar (but not the mouse button), and continue to drag, trying to make the size and shape of the selection match the oval as closely as possible. If necessary, hold down the spacebar and drag to move the selection marquee into position around the black oval.


You do not have to include absolutely all of the black oval, but make sure that the shape of your selection has the same proportions as the oval and that the thin yellow line is contained symmetrically within the selection. As long as the selection marquee is between the yellow line and the outer edge, you’re fine.

When the selection border is positioned and sized correctly, release the mouse button.

Choose View > Zoom Out or use the slider in the Navigator palette to reduce the zoom view so that you can see all of the image.

Leave the Elliptical Marquee tool () and the selection active for the next procedure.

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