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Lesson 15. Creating Links within an Imag... > Editing link information and updatin...

Editing link information and updating the HTML file

Some of the image maps in the HTML file are not linked properly, because we changed the names of some of the destination pages to be more specific to the fruit or vegetable featured. This is easy to fix in the original ImageReady file and then to update to the HTML file.

In the ImageReady toolbox, select the Image Map Select tool ().

In the image window, click to select the papaya image-map area.

In the Image Map palette, change the URL to pages/papaya.html.

In the image window, select the asparagus image-map area, and then change the URL in the Image Map palette to pages/asparagus.html.


You can change link information for slices in a similar way, using the Slice Select tool and Slice palette instead of the Image Map Select tool and Image Map palette.

Choose File > Update HTML.

In the Update HTML dialog box, select the 15Start.html file, and click Open. Click Replace when the Replace Files dialog box appears, and click OK in the update message.

Go back to your Web browser and choose the refresh or reload icon or View menu command. Click the links to make sure they’re OK, and then go back to ImageReady.

Choose File > Close to close the image. If a message appears reminding you that the file is no longer open in Photoshop, click Yes to dismiss it.

You can use your Web browser to open and view the 15Start.html file. You can also open the file in a word-processing or Web-authoring application to make your own revisions to the HTML code.



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