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Lesson 15. Creating Links within an Imag... > Using selections to create image map...

Using selections to create image maps

You can also convert selections you make with the selection tools into image maps. You’ll try that now with the fennel herb, selecting it with the Magic Wand tool.

Select the Zoom tool () and click the fennel (“HERBS”) until the magnification is 300%.

In the Layers palette, select the Background layer.

Select the Magic Wand tool (), which is hidden behind the Marquee tool (). Then, in the tool options bar, type 42 in the Tolerance option and make sure that the Contiguous check box is selected, or select it now.

Click the fennel branch where the “Herbs” label crosses it.

Hold down Shift, so that the Magic Wand tool pointer includes a plus sign, and carefully click an unselected area of the fennel branch. Repeat a couple of more times until most of the fennel is selected—the selection doesn’t need to be perfect.


If the selection marquee seems to disappear after a click, you may have accidentally clicked the wood grain, so that the marquee includes a very large area. In that case, choose Edit > Undo and try again.

Choose Select > Create Image Map From Selection to open the Create Image Map dialog box. Select the Polygon option with the Quality set at 80, and click OK.

In the image window, the fennel image appears ghosted. A red line indicating the shape of the image map surrounds the fennel.

Choose Select > Deselect to remove the selection marquee.



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