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Lesson 2. Using the File Browser > Rearranging and renaming image files

Rearranging and renaming image files

You can rearrange thumbnails in the File Browser as freely as you might move negatives or slides on a light table. You can use a batch-renaming process to give image files friendlier but well-organized file names. In this task, you’ll rearrange the thumbnails according to subject matter—colored glass containers, flowers, and cloudy skies—and then rename them.

In the thumbnails pane, drag the thumbnails of cloudy-sky photographs one by one until they are next to each other.

Select the first sky thumbnail in the group and then Shift-click the last sky thumbnail to select the entire group.

In the File Browser, choose Automate > Batch Rename.

Under File Naming in the Batch Rename dialog box, specify the following:

  • In the first blank, type Clouds to replace “Document Name,” the default entry.

  • In the second blank, select 2 Digit Serial Number from the pop-up menu.

  • In the third blank, select extension. (Do not select the capitalized EXTENSION option.)

  • In the Starting Serial # option, make sure that 1 is selected, or type 1 now.

  • For Compatibility, select the check boxes for other operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, and Unix. (The operating system you are using will be dimmed but already checked.)

Review the sample shown in the Example area to make sure that it reads “Clouds01.gif,” and then click OK.


The “gif” extension is merely the default example of an extension in the dialog box. It does not change the file format of the selected files.

In the File Browser, choose Sort > Filename to arrange the thumbnails in alpha-numeric order.

Using the techniques described in Steps 1-6, select and batch-rename the remaining photographs in according to the subject matter pictured: flowers and ornamental glassware. When you set options in the Batch Rename dialog box, type Plants instead of Clouds to name the flowers images, and Glass for the remaining set of images. Other than that, use the same File Naming options as in Step 4.



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