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Applying a pattern

Now you’re ready to use your pattern to take out the boat and wake.

Choose Select > Deselect.

In the toolbox, select the Pattern Stamp tool (), hidden under the Clone Stamp tool ().

In the tool options bar, change the Brush selection to a brush about 13 pixels in diameter. Leave the Mode set to Normal, Opacity at 100%, Flow at 100%, and the Aligned checked box selected.

Click the arrow for the Pattern option to open the pattern picker. Then, select the Water pattern you created earlier, and double-click it or click outside the palette to close it. The Water thumbnail now appears in the Pattern option on the tool options bar.

To identify a pattern, let the pointer hover over the thumbnail in the pattern picker for a few seconds until a tooltip appears, showing the pattern name and information about its dimensions and mode. Or, click the arrow button in the upper right area of the pattern picker to open the palette menu, and select another display option, such as Text Only, Small List, or Large List.

In the image window, drag the Pattern Stamp tool brush over the wake and boat to replace them with the Water pattern. Continue painting with the Pattern Stamp tool until you are satisfied with the results.

You’ll add just one final tweak to this retouching project, and then you’ll be finished working on this image.

In the Layers palette, click to place an eye icon () in the CREW layer, so that the text is visible in the image window.

Choose File > Save, and then close the 07A_Start.psd file.



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