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Lesson 7. Retouching and Repairing > Using the Healing Brush to remove flaws

Using the Healing Brush to remove flaws

Your first goal for this image is to remove the initials marring the natural beauty of the rock wall.

Click the File Browser button in the tool options bar to open the File Browser, and then find and open the 07B_Start.psd file. Close the File Browser.

Select the Zoom tool () and click the initials “DJ” that have been scratched into the lower left area of the rock, so that you see that area of the image at about 200%.

In the toolbox, select the Healing Brush tool ().

In the tool options bar, click the Brush option arrow to open the pop-up palette of controls, and drag the slider or type to enter a Diameter value of 10 px. Then, close the pop-up palette and make sure that the other settings in the tool options bar are set to the default values: Normal in the Mode option, Sampled in the Source option, and the Aligned check box deselected.

Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and click a short distance above the scratched-in graffiti in the image to sample that part of the rock. Release the Alt/Option key.

Starting above the graffiti “D,” paint straight down over the top part of the letter, using a short stroke.

Notice that as you paint, the area the brush covers temporarily looks as if it isn’t making a good color match with the underlying image. However, when you release the mouse button, the brush stroke blends in nicely with the rest of the rock surface.

Continue using short strokes to paint over the graffiti, starting at the top and moving down until you can no longer detect the graffiti letters.

When you finish removing the graffiti, look closely at the surface of the rock, and notice that even the subtle striations in the stone appear to be fully restored and natural in the image.

Zoom out to 100%, and choose File > Save.



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