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Lesson 5. Layer Basics > Reviewing layer comps

Reviewing layer comps

You’ve already switched from one layer-comp view to the next by resetting the Apply Layer Comp icon. (See “Using layer comps to view document variations” on page 177.) Now, you’ll try another simple way to cycle through the entire set of layer comps.

Click to set the Apply Layer Comp icon for the defined layer comp at the top of the Layer Comps palette list.

Click the right-pointing arrow ()in the bottom of the Layer Comps palette. The Apply Layer Comp icon moves to the second layer comp on the list and the image window changes to show the layer settings for that layer comp

Click the left-pointing arrow (). The Apply Layer Comp icon moves back to the top layer comp on the list.

Click the right-pointing arrow repeatedly to review the five variations you’ve created so far.

Choose File > Save.

Imagine how much time it would take to show someone these different layer arrangements if you had to drag layers into position and select or deselect eye icons. Layer comps can be an especially valuable feature when the design is in flux or when you need to create multiple versions of the same image file.

Congratulations! Your work on the garden image is now complete. This lesson only begins to explore the vast possibilities and the flexibility you gain when you master the art of using Photoshop layers and layer comps. You’ll get more experience and try out different techniques for layers in almost every chapter as you progress forward in the book. You’ll also use layer comps in ImageReady, to streamline the animation process.



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