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Lesson 13. Preparing Images for Two-Colo... > Mixing the framework’s image

Mixing the framework’s image

Next, you’ll select the framework, convert this part of the image to monochrome, and again mix channels to improve the contrast and detail.

Choose Select > Inverse to select the framework behind the woman.

Choose Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer.

In the Channel Mixer dialog box, choose Green for the Output Channel, and select Monochrome. Again, the image appears in grayscale and the Output Channel option automatically switches from Green to Gray.

This time the resulting image is dark and lacks contrast. You can improve the image again by blending in some of the Blue channel to increase the contrast.

Drag the slider for the Blue Source Channel or type 26%. Click OK.

Inverse of selection

Channel Mixer dialog box with 26% blue

Choose Select > Deselect.

Both the woman and the framework now show better contrast and detail. But the image is still an RGB color image (one that contains only gray values). To convert the image to grayscale mode, you will use the Grayscale command.

Choose Image > Mode > Grayscale. When prompted, select Don’t Flatten to keep the image’s two layers separate. (You’ll use the second layer later in this lesson.) The image converts to grayscale mode, and the color channels in the Channels palette are replaced by a single Gray channel.

Choose File > Save to save your work.



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