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Lesson 2. Using the File Browser > Creating a Picture Package for printing

Creating a Picture Package for printing

When you want to print multiple copies of an individual picture with maximum efficiency, the Picture Package feature can save you lots of time and paper. The Picture Package automatically arranges the layout so that you waste the least amount of paper printing the size of pictures that you want.

In the File Browser, select the Lessons/Lesson02/Pict_Package folder, and then select—but don’t open—the Boat.jpg thumbnail in the thumbnails pane.

Choose Automate > Picture Package in the File Browser menu bar.

In the Picture Package dialog box under Document, select (1)5x7 (2)3.5x5 as the Layout option. Leave the dialog box open.

Under Label, select Custom Text in the Content pop-up menu.

Type Summer Vacation, 2004 in the Custom Text option.

Select the following font options:

  • For Font, select a sans serif font, such as Arial or Helvetica.

  • For Font Size, select 10 pt.

  • For Color, select White from the pop-up menu, so that the text will show up well against the deep colors in the foreground of the photograph.

  • For Position, select Bottom Right.

  • Leave None selected for Rotation.


You cannot preview the custom text. It may require some trial-and-error testing to give the custom text the appearance you want in the Picture Package output file.

Click OK. After a pause for Photoshop to copy, resize, and arrange images, Picture Package 1 opens in an image window, showing the copies of the picture with the custom text in each copy. You can now print this image or save the file to print later.

If the palettes are still hidden, you can press Tab to show them again. Then, you can zoom in on the images as needed to examine the text and other details.

You are not limited to the predefined Layout options. You can define custom picture sizes and arrangements. To do this, click the Edit Layout button in the lower right corner of the Picture Package dialog box. For more information, see Photoshop Help.

Congratulations—you’ve finished this lesson on the File Browser. As you work through this book, you’ll have many more opportunities to use the File Browser and discover what a time-saver it can be.



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