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Lesson 2. Using the File Browser > Viewing your Web Photo Gallery

Viewing your Web Photo Gallery

This procedure is done entirely in your Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, or Netscape Communicator.

If the Web page you created in the previous procedure is not already open in your Web browser, use the desktop to go to the Lessons/Lesson02/Wheel Web Site folder, and double-click the index.html file to open it.

If necessary, select the 02c1_Start.jpg thumbnail, so that the image of the entire ferris wheel appears on the right side of the page. (It should appear by default when the page opens.)

Click Image Info tab at the bottom of the Web page on the right to open the information display about the selected image.

Click the Image Feedback tab, and do the following actions, as if you were one of your own clients reviewing the files:

  • Select Approved.

  • Type Good angle shot in the comment area of the Feedback tab.


You do not need to save your feedback yet. These Feedback options are not lost if you switch to another image or close the Feedback tab. However, if you close your Web browser or open another HTML page, your feedback entries will be discarded.

Select the 02c2_Start.jpg thumbnail. On the Feedback tab, select Other and then type Sky is too cloudy in the comment area.

Select E-Mail Feedback, and then type your name in the dialog box that opens.

Review the e-mail message that opens in your default e-mail application. Notice that the subject line includes the name you typed in Step 6 and that your approval selections and comments appear for each of the images your reviewed. Then close the e-mail message without sending it.



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