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Using a context menu

Context menus are short menus that are appropriate to specific elements in the work area. They are sometimes referred to as “right-click” or “shortcut” menus. Usually, the commands on a context menu are also available in some other area of the user interface, but using the context menu can save time.

If the Brush tool () is not still selected in the toolbox, select it now.

In the image window, right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) anywhere in the image to open the Brush tool context menu.

Context menus vary with their context, of course, so what appears can be a menu of commands or a palette-like set of options, which is what happens in this case.

Select a finer brush, such as the Hard Round 5 pixels brush. You may need to scroll up or down the list in the context menu to find the right brush.

In the image window, use the selected brush to create smaller dots on the tie.


Clicking anywhere in the work area closes the context menu. If the tie area is hidden behind the Brush tool context menu, click another area or double-click your selection in the context menu to close it.

Place additional dots on the tie.

As it suits you, use the Undo command and the History palette to backtrack through your painting actions to correct mistakes or make different choices.

When you finish making changes to your tie design, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve finished another project. You can choose File > Save if you want to save your results, or File > Save As if you want to save it in another location or with a different name, or you can close the file without saving.



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