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Lesson 15. Creating Links within an Image > Creating more user slices

Creating more user slices

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create slices, you’ll slice up the rest of the text for the menu bar into four more buttons.

With the Slice tool still selected in the toolbox, drag across the products text to create another user slice.

The new slice becomes slice 03. The number of each slice after slice 03 automatically increases by one.

You can change the way the pointer appears on-screen for the Slice tool by changing your Photoshop preferences. To change the Slice tool’s standard pointer () to the precise pointer (), choose Edit > Preferences > Display & Cursors (Windows) or Photoshop > Preferences > Display & Cursors (Mac OS 10), select Precise for the Other Cursors option, and click OK.

One at a time, draw slice marquees around each of the other text items in the same row: around the words shop online, contacts, and help to create three more slices for menu buttons.

Your image should have a total of eight slices: five user slices and three auto slices. If your numbers are different, don’t worry because you’ll fix that now.

In the toolbox, select the Zoom tool () and click the area of your button slices to enlarge the view to 300% or 400%.

Carefully examine the user slices you created to see if there are any gaps between the slices. (If there are, these gaps would be auto slices.) If there are no gaps between your user slices, you can skip Steps 5 and 6.

Gaps between slices

No gaps between slices

In the toolbox, select the Slice Select tool (), hidden behind the Slice tool, and select one of the user slices that did not snap to the guides—that is, a slice with a gap between it and the adjacent user slice.

Drag a selection handle for the selected slice until the slice boundaries snap into position against the guides and the other slices.


You can also use the Slice Select tool to drag the slice from one position to another.

Double-click the Zoom tool to return to 100%, and choose File > Save.

If you find the indicators for the auto slices distracting, select the Slice Select tool and then click the Hide Auto Slices button on the tool options bar. You can also hide the guides by choosing View > Show > Guides, because you won’t need them again.



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