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Lesson 15. Creating Links within an Image > Preparing to create slices

Preparing to create slices

Before you start doing any work in your file, you’ll customize the work options so that everything is ready to go.

Start Adobe Photoshop, holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS) to restore the default preferences. (See “Restoring default preferences” on page 4.)

Click the File Browser button () and use the File Browser Folders palette to locate and select the Lessons/Lesson15 folder in the File Browser Folders palette.

Double-click the 15Start.psd thumbnail, or select that file and choose File > Open on the File Browser menu bar.

If a notice appears asking whether you want to update the text layers for vector-based output, click Update.

The lesson file includes blue horizontal and vertical guide lines. You’ll use the guides and the snap-to commands when you draw marquees, so that they are tightly aligned.

Click the close button on the File Browser title bar or click the File Browser button on the tool options bar twice to close the File Browser to reduce clutter in the work area.

Make sure that the following commands are selected (checked), or select them now if they are not.

  • View > Show > Guides

  • View > Show > Slices

  • View > Snap

  • View > Snap To > Guides

  • View > Snap To > Slices

The blue guide lines have been created to help you draw slices accurately. As you create slices close to the guides, the edges of the slice will snap to the guides so that your slices are uniform and efficient.



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