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Lesson 5. Layer Basics > Adding text

Adding text

Now, you’re ready to create and customize some type. You’ll create text with the Type tool, which places the text on its own type layer. You’ll then edit the text and apply a special effect to that layer. (ImageReady also has features for creating and manipulating type, but it uses a palette to display type options, rather than a dialog box.)

In the Layers palette, click the Statue layer to make it active.

Set the foreground color to black by clicking the small Default Foreground And Background Color box () near the swatches in the toolbox.


If you decide to change a text color later, you can do this by selecting the text with the Type tool and using the color swatch in the tool options bar.

In the toolbox, select the Type tool (). Then, in the tool options bar, select the following options for the Type tool:

  • Select a font from the Font pop-up menu (we used Adobe Garamond).

  • Select a font style (we used Regular).

  • Enter a large point size in the Size text box (we used 60 point).

  • Select Crisp from the Anti-Aliasing pop-up menu ().

  • Select the Center Text () alignment option.

Click somewhere in the upper middle area of the image window.

Notice that the Layers palette now includes a layer named Layer 1 with a “T” thumbnail icon, indicating that it is a type layer.

Type Jardin, press Enter or Return, and then type 2000.

The text appears in the upper left area of the image where you clicked. This appears in the Layers palette as Layer 1, but the layer name will automatically change to “Jardin 2000” as soon as you select another layer or another tool.You’ll see that next when you reposition the text in the image.

Select the Move tool (), and drag the “Jardin 2000” text to center it under the arch of the doorway. The text may be a little difficult to read against the dark shrubbery in the background, but you’ll make adjustments for that shortly.

Notice that the layer name in the Layers palette is now Jardin 2000 instead of Layer 1.



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