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Previewing a rollover

Although the end result of this project is a Web page, you can test the interactive behaviors of your slices in ImageReady. You do this by stepping out of working mode into preview mode. While you are previewing, some palettes, such as the Layers palette, are dimmed because you cannot select layers or make adjustments in those palettes in preview mode.

In the Layers palette, click a blank area to deselect the Museo Arte layer.

In the toolbox, first select the Toggle Slices Visibility button () or press Q to hide the slice boundaries and remove the ghosting appearance over the image.

Select the Preview Document button () or press Y to activate preview mode.


The guides are still visible in the image window. You can either ignore them as you preview or hide them by choosing View > Show > Guides, or with the keyboard shortcut using the semicolon key: Ctrl+; (Windows) or Command+; (Mac OS>. If you hide them now, be sure that you make them visible again after you finish previewing, because you’ll need them for the next topic.

Move the pointer over the Museo Arte text in the image window, and then move it away so that you can see the effect of the Over rollover state with the Warped Text applied.

Notice the effect the pointer position has on the highlighting in the Web Content palette. As you move the pointer over and then away from the Museo Arte slice in the image window, the slice selection in the Web Content palette shifts from Normal to the Museo Arte Over state.

Click the Preview Document and Toggle Slices Visibility buttons again to deactivate them, or press Q and Y to use the keyboard shortcuts.

The slice boundaries and the ghosted overlay reappear in the image window.

In the Web Content palette, select Normal, and click the arrow on the Museo Arte slice to hide the rollover listing.

Try to keep the Web Content and Layers palettes as organized and tidy as possible for your rollover work. By avoiding visual clutter, you’ll make fewer mistakes, do less scrolling, and be able to find and focus on the next item in the palette that requires your attention. In this lesson, we’ll frequently remind you to collapse grouped items when you finish working with them, even though this doesn’t affect the end result of the lesson.

In this lesson, you won’t go on to the next logical step for a Web page author: associating a link to another Web page with the Museo Arte slice. It’s something you can do later on your own, if you want to do so. This process is covered in Lesson 15, “Creating Links within an Image.”



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