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Lesson 17. Creating Rollover Web Visuals > Generating a Web page from the image

Generating a Web page from the image

ImageReady does the hard work of converting your image-file information into a Web page consisting of an HTML file and supporting folders of files. There is one important step that you must do in order for the Web page to recognize the rollovers so that they work properly on the Web page. You’ll do that step first.

Click the arrow to open the Web palette menu, and choose Find All Remote Slices.

When a message appears, reporting the changes that ImageReady has made to the file, click OK.

Choose File > Save Optimized As.

In the Save Optimized As dialog box, navigate to the location in which you want to save the file, or save it in the Lessons/Lesson17 folder.

Leave the file name as it is and then make sure that the following options are selected:

  • HTML And Images for Save As Type (Windows) or Format (Mac OS).

  • Default Settings for the Settings option.

  • All Slices for the Slices option.

Click Save.

On the desktop, locate the 17Start.html file you just generated and open it to view your final results. After you finish viewing it and testing the rollovers, quit the browser.

Nice job! You have finished your work on Lesson 17.

There is more to learn about rollovers, tables, and how to use them effectively for Web pages. Also, rollovers are not the exclusive feature of slices. You can also create rollovers from image maps, such as for the image maps you created in Lesson 15, “Adding Links to an Image.”



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