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Lesson 5. Layer Basics > Using the multilingual spelling checker

Using the multilingual spelling checker

Now that you’ve designated the dictionaries that Photoshop will use for different text within your file, you’re ready to review the text for spelling errors.

In the Layers palette, make sure that the eye icons () for the “Mai 18” layers so that both text layers appear in the image window. Since these are right on top of each other, you can’t see any difference in the image window.

Choose Edit > Check Spelling. The Check Spelling dialog box appears, indicating that the word Montreal is misspelled in the Canadian French version because the word lacks an accent over the letter e.

Click the Change button to accept the suggested replacement, Montréal.

The text in the image changes, and the display in the dialog box also changes, now indicating that the word Mai is not in the English: USA dictionary. Notice that the Change To option is (probably) Mail—not the word you want.

Scroll down the Suggestions list if necessary, and select the word May. Now, May appears in the Change To option. Then, click Change.

Instead of scrolling and selecting, you can type May directly into the Change To option.

If a message appears indicating that the spell check is complete, click OK.

Alternately click the eye icons off and on for the two Conf Info text layers to see the two versions of the text.

Choose File > Save to save the image, which now has the original flattened layer plus two unflattened text layers. Leave the 05Flat.psd file open for the next procedure.

Notice the change in file size in the Status bar. Although your file size has grown slightly, it is still not nearly as large as the completely unflattened project would be.

Leave the 05Flat.psd file open, because you’ll need it in an upcoming task.



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