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Review answers

1Smart Guides are temporary guide lines that appear when an object that you are moving aligns with another layer object in the image. The Smart Guides are only long enough to connect the edge or center of the object you’re moving with the edge or center of the object it’s aligned with in the image.
2One method of duplicating a layer is to use the Layers palette to drag the layer you want to duplicate to the Create New Layer button at the bottom of the palette. A second method is to choose Layer > Duplicate Layer. The third method is to hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and drag the layer with the Move tool. Because this third method accomplishes two tasks in one action, many users prefer it.
3To duplicate multiple layers, first select them by holding down the Shift key and clicking the layers either in the Layers palette or in the image window, using the Move tool. Then duplicate them all at once using one of the three methods for duplicating an individual layer, as described in the previous Review answer. If the layers you want to duplicate are already organized into a layer set or layer group, you can select the layer set or group and then duplicate all of them at once.
4When you select the Free Transform, another Transform command, or work with the Type tool, you switch into transform or text-edit mode, respectively. Until you press Enter or Return, Photoshop or ImageReady remains in that mode so that you can continue to edit or transform objects. When you commit those changes, you leave transform or text-edit mode and can then perform other kinds of actions in your file.
5The three tool options for the Move tool in Image Ready are the Layer Move tool (), the Layer Select tool (), and the Direct Select tool (). Use the Layer Move tool to move an entire layer that is already selected. Use the Layer Select tool to select and move an ungrouped layer or a grouped layer as a single object. Use the Direct Select tool to select and move only a specific layer within a layer group. You can also hold down Shift and use the Direct Select tool to select and move multiple individual layers that are grouped within one or more layer groups.
6Both layer groups and layer sets are ways of organizing layers on the Layers palette. You can select a layer group or layer set and apply changes to the layers nested within as a unit.

You can create layer sets in Photoshop or ImageReady by either clicking the New Layer Set button in the Layers palette (and then adding layers to it) or dragging an existing layer to the same button to nest that layer within it as you create it. In ImageReady, you can also select multiple layers and drag them to the New Layer Set button to nest them all in the new layer set.

Layer grouping is available only in ImageReady. You create a new layer group by selecting one or more layers and choosing Layer > Group Layers or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+G (Windows) or Command+G (Mac OS).

After you create the layer group or a layer set, you can add layers to it by dragging them in the Layers palette into the group or set.



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