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Lesson 14. Arranging Layer Objects in Im... > Duplicating and aligning layers

Duplicating and aligning layers

The new Smart Guides is a Snap-To feature found only in ImageReady. Smart Guides help you align layer objects to other elements in the file. Unlike regular guides that you drag from the Rulers to place, Smart Guide lines are temporary, appearing only during the dragging process. They appear when the edges or center (vertical or horizontal) of the object you’re moving crosses the center line or an edge of another layer object.

Choose View > Snap if the Snap command is not already selected (checked), and then choose View > Snap To and verify that Guides and Layers are also selected (checked). If not, choose these commands now.

In the Layers palette, select the Stone layer and drag it to the Create A New Layer button () at the bottom of the palette. Leave the Stone Copy layer selected.

In the toolbox, select the Move tool (), and then look in the tool options bar to verify that the Layer Select tool () is selected, or select it now.

In the image window, drag the Stone Copy layer up and to the left, so that its lower right corner snaps into alignment with the upper left corner of the original Stone layer.

As you drag, the blue Smart Guide lines appear whenever the dragged object aligns with another object in the image. The Smart Guides extend from the object you’re moving to the alignment points in the other object.


If you do not see the Smart Guides as you drag, make sure that the appropriate commands are selected in the Snap To submenu. See “Getting Started” on page 460.

Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and drag up and to the right from the Stone Copy layer.

Holding down the designated key as you drag duplicates the selected layer, so that when you release the mouse, you’ll have three stones in place.


As you drag, the Smart Guides show you any alignment to the edge or center of any other layer objects in the image. Be sure to watch the Smart Guides carefully as you work so that you line up the object you’re moving with the correct other object. This will be more pronounced as you continue because the number of objects in the image is growing.

Using the same technique as in Step 5, drag three more new stones into position so that they form the pattern shown in the illustration below.



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