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Lesson 18. Animating GIF Images for the ... > Tweening the position and opacity of...

Tweening the position and opacity of layers

Next, you’ll add frames that represent transitional image states between the two existing frames. When you change the position, opacity, or effects of any layer between two animation frames, you can instruct ImageReady to tween, which automatically creates as many intermediate frames as you specify.

In the Animation palette, make sure that frame 1 is selected; then choose Tween on the Animation palette menu.

In the Tween dialog box, set the following options (if they are not already selected):

  • On the Tween With pop-up menu, select Next Frame.

  • For Frames to Add, type 4.

  • Under Layers, select All Layers.

  • Under Parameters, select Position and Opacity, as needed, so that checkmarks appear for those options. (You could select Effects if you were going to vary the settings of layer effects evenly between the beginning and ending frames. You won’t choose this option now because you have not applied any layer effects.)

  • Click OK to close the dialog box.

ImageReady creates four new transitional frames, based on the opacity and position settings of the layers in the original two frames.

On the Looping pop-up menu in the lower left of the Animation palette, choose Once.


In the sample End file for this lesson, the looping is configured slightly differently that you’re asked to do here. In the End file, Forever is selected as the looping option but there is also a long delay after the final frame of the animation, which is not yet created at this phase.

In the Animation palette, click the Play button () to preview your animation in ImageReady.



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