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Lesson 18. Animating GIF Images for the ... > Creating the simultaneous animations

Creating the simultaneous animations

Now you’ll define the rising-bubble animation by successively hiding and showing the layers of the Dolphin.psd file. You’ll combine this rising bubble with the swimming dolphin animation by duplicating frames and coordinating settings in the Layers and Animation palettes.

In the Animation palette, make sure that frame 3 is selected, or select it now.

In the Layers palette, click the visibility boxes to set or remove eye icons () so that the Background, Dolphin 1, and the original Bubble layer are visible and the other layers are hidden.


When you hide or show a layer in a frame, the visibility of the layer changes for that frame only.

In the Animation palette, click the Duplicate Current Frame button () to create frame 4. Leave frame 4 selected in the Animation palette.

In the Layer Comps palette, select Dolphin 2. Then in the Layers palette, set an eye icon () for the Bubble Copy layer.

Click the Duplicate Current Frame two more times, and then use the Layer Comps and Layers palettes as follows:

  • For frame 5, select the Dolphin 1 layer comp and make the Bubble Copy 2 layer visible.

  • For frame 6, select the Dolphin 2 layer comp and make the Pop layer visible.

Select the Play button() on the Animation palette to preview the results. When you are finished, click the Stop button () to stop the animation.

As the animation moves from frame to frame, the dolphin’s tail moves up and down with each step. In each full cycle, the bubble emerges from the dolphin, rises, and pops in a four-step sequence.

If your results are different than described here, review the visibility settings on the Layers palette for each successive frame and make any necessary corrections.



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