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Lesson 18. Animating GIF Images for the ... > Transforming layers for an animation

Transforming layers for an animation

Now that you’ve prepared the duplicate bubble layers in the Dolphin.psd file, you’ll apply a scale transformation to the two copies so that the bubble appears to grow as it trails behind the swimming dolphin.

If the Move tool () is not still selected, select it now, and then make sure that the Layer Select tool () is selected in the tool options bar.

In the image window, select the middle bubble, the Bubble copy layer object.

Choose Edit > Transform > Scale.

In the image window, the transformation bounding box appears around the Bubble copy layer.

In the tool options bar, select the Constrain Aspect Ration icon (), and type 24 px for width (W:). Click anywhere outside the width text box and notice that the bubble assumes its new size but the transformation bounding box remains on the Bubble copy layer object.

Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to commit the transformation.

Select the third bubble and repeat Steps 35, but this time type 26 px as either the width or height dimension.

Still using the Move tool and the Layer Select tool option, refine the locations of the three bubble layers by dragging them in the image window, as needed.

Make sure that the third bubble does not extend beyond the tip of the dolphin’s dorsal fin and that the three bubbles are nearly evenly spaced. Refer to the illustration below as a suggestion.

Choose File > Save.



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