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Getting started

In this lesson, you’ll work with an image that has two layers plus a background layer. You’ll get more experience with adjustment layers, layer effects, layer masks, and layer filters. Beyond this lesson, there is no substitute for experimentation and creativity for teaching you what you can do by combining the many filters, effects, layer properties, layer masks, and layer properties in new ways.

Start Adobe Photoshop, and immediately hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS) to restore the default preferences.

As messages appear, select Yes to confirm that you want to reset preferences, No to defer setting up your color monitor, and Close to close the Welcome Screen.

Click the File Browser button () and use the Folder palette to go to the Lessons/Lesson11 folder. Select the 11End.psd thumbnail and examine it in the Preview palette. If necessary, enlarge the Preview palette so that you can get a good look.

Double-click the 11Start.psd thumbnail to open the file in Photoshop.

Close the File Browser, either by clicking the close button or by clicking the File Browser button.

Close (or minimize) the Navigator, Color, and History palette groups, and move the Layers palette group to the top of the work area. Drag the corner of the Layers palette group to elongate it so that you’ll be able to see about ten layers without scrolling.

Right now, there are only three layers in the palette. Only the Metal Grille layer is visible in the image window. The Rust layer and the Background are stacked underneath it, so the metal grille image blocks your view of these underlying layers.

Using the eye icons () in the Layers palette, examine the layers one by one, hiding each of the other layers so that you can see exactly what each layer image looks like.

Reset eye icons for all the layers so that all are as they were when you opened the file.



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