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Getting started

Before beginning this lesson, restore the default application settings for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady. See “Restoring default preferences” on page 5.

Start Adobe Photoshop.

If a notice appears asking whether you want to customize your color settings, click No.

Choose Open > Browse, or click the File Browser tab in the palette well to open it.

In the File Browser, use the upper left pane to navigate to the Lessons/Lesson14 folder, and select the Lesson14 folder.

Thumbnails of four different Start and End files appear in the right pane, many of which appear to be quite similar. You can also select the Photos folder in the Lesson14 folder to see the five photographs used to make up the background for the 14Start1.psd file, but then select the Lesson14 folder again.

Select the 14Start1.psd thumbnail, so that the thumbnail and metadata for that file appear in the left panes of the File Browser. If necessary, resize the File Browser panes to enlarge the thumbnail.

This file is a modified version of the zoo map that you will be using later in this lesson. This version of the map has been enhanced with scanned photographs of animals, which have been further manipulated in Photoshop. In the lower left pane of the File Browser, scroll down the metadata and notice that the file size is quite large.

Select the 14End1.psd thumbnail. Notice that the file size listed in the metadata is dramatically smaller but the image looks about the same as the 14Start1.psd.

One by one, select the other numbered Start and End files in the Lesson14 folder to preview them.

Double-click the file 14Start1.psd to open that file in Photoshop.



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