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Techniques > Web Design Techniques

Web Design Techniques

Optimizing Photoshop

Optimizing the Color Picker

Using the Right Interpolation Mode

The Info Palette

Photoshop’s Interpolation Methods

Rulers in Pixels

Guides and Grids

Loading the Web-Safe Color Palette


The Actions Palette

Toggle Dialog On/Off

Inserting Stops

Recording Paths in Your Action

Batch Processing

Working with Web-Safe Colors

Color Depth

How Computers Store Information

Color Depth of an Image

Web-Safe Color Palette

The Web-Safe Color Palette seen as a Cube

The Web-Safe Color Cube Shown in Slices

The Unwrapped Color Cube

Working with Web Colors

Changing to a Web-Safe Color Before Exporting

Changing to a Web-Safe Color When Exporting


Using Large Background Images

Sidebar Backgrounds

Texture Backgrounds (Wallpaper)

Creating Textures with the Pattern Maker


Using Transparency with Solid-Colored Backgrounds

Using Transparency with Multicolored Backgrounds

Tutorial: Developing a Web Site in Photoshop


Photoshop vs.ImageReady

Creating Rollover Buttons

Creating Image Maps

Optimizing Images with ImageReady

Layer-Based Image Maps

Tutorial: Creating Slices and Rollovers

GIF Animation

Saving on Bandwidth by Scaling Animations

Disposal Methods

Looping an Animation

The Zero-Second Trick

Optimizing Animations

Rotating a Logo

Swiping Effects

I remember the first time I saw a Web site that used a sidebar for navigation. It took me quite some time to figure out how it was done; I finally realized that it was a background image. Not long after that, Web sites with sidebars were popping up everywhere; it seemed that every site on the Internet was using them. Over the years, Web designers have come up with different techniques to make the best of the limitations that HTML imposes on them. This section of the book gathers all these tricks. From creating seamless background tiles to GIF animation to working with the Websafe Color palette, you will learn everything you need to know to create your own award-winning Web site.

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