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Chapter 13. Gradients > To create or edit a gradient preset:

To create or edit a gradient preset:

Optional: Open the Swatches palette if you’re going to use it to choose colors for the gradient, and move it to the corner of your screen. Weirdly enough, you won’t be able to move it around once the Gradient Editor is open.

Choose the Gradient tool (G or Shift-G), then click the Gradient sample on the options bar to open the Gradient Editor.

Click the gradient sample to open the Gradient Editor.


Double-click an existing Gradient Fill layer thumbnail on the Layers palette, then click the gradient sample at the top of the Gradient Fill dialog box.

In the Gradient Editor, click the Presets swatch you want to create a variation of.

To choose a starting color, click the starting (left) color stop under the gradient bar .

Click a color on the Swatches palette that you so conveniently stuck in a corner, or on the spectrum bar at the bottom of the Color palette, or in any open image window.


To create a gradient that will use the current Foreground or Background color, choose Foreground or Background from the Color pop-up menu at the bottom of the dialog box.


Click the Color swatch at the bottom of the Gradient Editor, choose a color from the Color Picker, then click OK.

Click the ending (right) color stop under the gradient bar to set the ending color, then repeat the previous step.

Do any of these optional steps:

To add an intermediate color to the gradient, click below the gradient bar to produce a new stop, then choose a color for the new stop, as per step 5 on the previous page.

Move any color stop by dragging it or by changing its Location value.

To control the abruptness of a color transition, drag a midpoint diamond. The diamond marks the point where the two colors it’s between are evenly blended (50% of each color). Clicking the diamond, then changing its Location percentage does the same thing . 0% is for the far left, 100% is for the far right.

Three different Location settings

To remove a color, drag its stop downward off the bar.

Use Ctrl-Z/Cmd-Z to undo the previous operation.

Enter a name in the Name field, then click New. (Any time you edit a gradient, the Name changes to “Custom” automatically to ensure that you’ll be working on a copy of the gradient—not the original.)

Click OK. The new gradient preset is now available for use on the gradient picker.

To save the presets currently on the gradient picker to a file for future use, see the instructions on the following page!


To rename a gradient swatch, double-click it in the Gradient Editor, change the Name, then click OK.



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