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PIECE-A-CAKE,” said Peter, after taking his first peek at the Photoshop 7 upgrade. “We’ll get it done in time to have the whole summer off,” he added, smiling and polishing his golf clubs.

“Hah!” said Elaine, with a sneer. “Don’t kid yourself. Every single screen shot has to be redone for Mac OS X. Like, hello?”

“We’ll get somebody to do that,” said Peter.

“Good, glad you got that covered. Now, what about the gazillion nitpicky changes that nobody talks about? They add a word next to a check box here, expand the range in a palette there... Next thing you know, it’s the end of September, your golf clubs are rusty, the distributors are tearing their hair out, and Nancy Ruenzel’s had a cow.”

“Victor will help us,” said Peter.

“Glad Mr. Smarty will be on board,” said Elaine. “One more minor detail. We need to cover new features: Brushes palette, File Browser, Pattern Maker, Match, ’boo-boo’ brushes—blah, blah, blah, blah...”

“Jump to” end of July. Book’s done. We worked hard—and we had help! Our sincere thanks to the following people:

Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Publisher, Peachpit Press, for trusting that we’d get it done.

Marjorie Baer, Executive Editor, for pointing us to helpful resources.

Cary Norsworthy, Editor, for her competence, resourcefulness, and sense of humor under pressure.

Victor Gavenda, Technical Editor at Peachpit Press, for testing the book in Windows and revising several chapters, complete with witty remarks and great catches.

Lisa Brazieal, Production Coordinator, for getting our electronic files ready for the print shop.

Gary-Paul Prince, Publicist.

Keasley Jones, Associate Publisher.

Nathalie Valette, cover designer.

All the other Peachpitters. We know you’re there.

Nolan Hester, Nathan Olson, and Conrad Chavez, freelance writers, for helping us revise various chapters.

Jeffy Milstead and Steve Dampier, for revising the keyboard shortcuts.

Haig MacGregor, Darren Meiss, and William Rodarmor, copy editors.

Steve Rath, indexer.

Lois Thompson and the crew at Malloy Lithographing, for a high-quality print job.

And the Adobe Photoshop team, for makin’ Photoshop even better (keeps us busy).

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