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Chapter 5. Working with Layers > Applying Effects with Layer Styles

Applying Effects with Layer Styles

With Layer styles, you can add editable effects to individual layer within an image, and you can be as conservative or wild as your heart desires. For example, you can add a subtle drop shadow to an object, or you can go in the opposite direction and set your friend’s hair ablaze with the Fire layer style. Beveled edges, glowing borders, and even custom textures can all be applied to any object or text layer. The Layer Styles palette contains a series of style sets, grouped as galleries and accessed from the palette’s pop-up menu. Once you’ve applied a layer style, you can choose to keep it as an active element of a layer and return to and adjust it at any time; or you can choose to merge the layer object and style together to simplify the layer. For a gallery of Photoshop Layer Styles, see the color plates section of this book.

To apply a layer style:

On the Layers palette, choose the layer to which you want to apply the layer style (Figure 5.50).

Figure 5.50. You must select a layer before you can apply a layer style.

To open the Layer Styles palette do one of the following:

  • From the Window menu, choose Layer Styles.

  • Click the Layer Styles palette in the palette well.

On the Layer Styles palette, choose a style set from the palette’s pop-up menu (Figure 5.51).

Figure 5.51. Layer styles are divided into different style sets that you can select from the Layer Styles palette menu.

The set you choose presents a gallery from which you can select a specific style.

In the style gallery, click the style you want to apply to your layer.

The style is instantly applied to the layer object in the image window (Figure 5.52), and a Layer Style icon appears next to the layer name on the Layers palette.

Figure 5.52. Choose a style from the palette gallery to instantly apply the style to a layer.



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