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Chapter 8. Painting and Drawing > Erasing with Customizable Brush Shapes

Erasing with Customizable Brush Shapes

The images or brushstrokes you choose to remove from a photograph are often as important as those you decide to add or leave behind. The basic Eraser feature is a powerful tool for cleaning up and fine-tuning your images, taking full advantage of every brush style and size that Photoshop Elements has to offer. Not only can you perform routine erasing tasks such as rubbing away stray pixels, but you can customize an eraser’s brush and opacity settings to create unique texture, color, and pattern effects. Three modes allow you to customize your erasers even further, so that you can erase with soft-edged brush shapes, hard-edged pencil shapes, or a simple hard-edged square block.

To use the Eraser tool:

Select the Eraser tool from the toolbox (E) (Figure 8.69).

Figure 8.69. The Eraser tool.

On the options bar, select a brush from the Brush Presets palette (Figure 8.70).

Figure 8.70. The same brush presets are available for the Eraser tool as for the Brush tool.

Again on the options bar, select a size using the brush Size slider.

From the Mode pop-up menu, select one of the three eraser modes.

If you select a soft, anti-aliased brush and then choose Pencil from the mode menu, the eraser will become coarse and aliased (Figure 8.71).

Figure 8.71. An eraser in Brush mode (left) and in Pencil mode (right).

Still on the options bar, select an opacity using the Opacity slider.

In the image window, drag the eraser through your image.

The image is erased according to the attributes you’ve applied to the eraser.



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