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Applying Patterns

Though some of Photoshop Elements’ patterns can be a little gimmicky, others, like many of the fabric and rock textures, can be useful when you’re trying to repair or retouch a damaged or aged photograph. For example, you might use one of the abstract stone patterns to camouflage a particularly damaged background in an old photo that would be difficult to salvage by any other method. Photoshop Elements provides a default set of patterns plus seven additional sets containing objects as varied as flowers, stone faces, and textured artist’s surfaces. Patterns can be applied using two methods. If you have a large area of the same tonal value or color, then you can use the Paint Bucket tool. On the other hand, you have a smaller area made up of varying colors or textures, use the Pattern Stamp tool.

To apply a pattern to a selected area with the Paint Bucket tool:

Select the Paint Bucket tool from the toolbox, or press K (Figure 6.21).

Figure 6.21. The Paint Bucket tool.

On the options bar, select Pattern from the Fill pop-up menu (Figure 6.22).

Figure 6.22. Once you’ve selected the Paint Bucket tool, select Pattern from the options bar.

Still on the options bar, click to open the pattern picker (Figure 6.23).

Figure 6.23. Choose a pattern from the aptly named pattern picker on the options bar.

Click to choose from the list of default patterns, or click the arrow button to the right of the thumbnail image to open the Pattern palette menu (Figure 6.24).

Figure 6.24. You can pick from a default sampler list of patterns or load any one of seven additional pattern sets.

Select from the list of pattern sets in the bottom section of the menu.

The pattern picker displays the new pattern library.

Return to the image window and click in the area where you want to apply the pattern.

The pattern is painted in the image (Figure 6.25).

Figure 6.25. Click the Paint Bucket tool in any large area where you want to apply a pattern. Here, a floral pattern was selected to create brand-new living room wallpaper.



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