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Lesson 11. Integrating with Dreamweaver MX > Editing the Fireworks Pop-Up Menu

Editing the Fireworks Pop-Up Menu

With the recipes files in a separate folder, you are now ready to edit the pop-up menus and change the links.

Open the facts.htm file on the Site panel and select the Chocolate Recipes button.

The image of the button contains the JavaScript for the pop-up menu. In Dreamweaver, as in Fireworks, predefined JavaScript code appears on the Behaviors panel. In Fireworks, you may have used the behavior handle on the slice to create the behavior. In Dreamweaver, you use the Behaviors panel.

Choose Window > Behaviors to open the Behaviors panel.

You should see a MouseOver event and a MouseOut event in the panel. When the user rolls over the image, the pop-up menu is displayed on the page. When the user rolls off the image, the pop-up menu is hidden.

Double-click the Show Pop-Up Menu action on the Behaviors panel.

The Show Pop-Up Menu dialog box is very similar to the one in Fireworks.

Select Mexican Hot Chocolate from the list. Click the folder icon to the right of the Link text field. Locate your hot_choc.htm file in the Recipes folder and then click Open.

The new path name for the link is added to the pop-up menu.

Repeat step 4 for the other recipe files you created. Click OK. Save your files and preview them in the browser.

Check the links in the pop-up menu to see that they work.



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